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4 Chapter 004: Picked Up the Sesame but Lost the Watermelon

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[The system can accommodate the hosts daily needs by providing corresponding goods, arranging reasonable daily tasks, and even strategizing for the host]

This system doesnt seem too bad, right?

With its help, getting rich seems a lot more achievable.

[The system is thoughtful and strategic, making it a must-have for reborn individuals wishing to get rich and reach the peak of their lives.] (Proud face)


This is the first time she has seen a system that boasts so much about itself.

[This is simply because youre reborn for the first time. The more times youre reborn, the more systems youll experience.]

[In any case, I, No. 0715, am definitely the best among the systems. Youre extremely lucky to have met me!] (Serious face)

Whatever you say.

Arguing about whos better doesnt earn money.

Earlier you mentioned exchanging diligence points for items. Can I start earning these points now?

[Yes, you can start earning diligence points through labor now. Labor is any kind of work, such as cleaning the courtyard, cooking, farming, etc. However, the specific amount of diligence points depends on the nature, effect, and intensity of your work. Everything is based on what the system displays]

So, the system is telling me to refer to the actual results rather than the illusions?

Zhuang Qingnings first reaction was if the system could lie or worm out of giving her diligence points.

Either way, she needed to clean the courtyard now. She could see how many diligence points she could earn and what items she could exchange them for to evaluate the value-for-money of this system.

In any case, overthinking wont help. Its better to act first.

Qingsui, lets tidy up first. From now on, your sister will look after you separately. We dont have to live under the same roof with our Aunt anymore, and we will not be scolded by her. It will be a bit easier for us.

Zhuang Qingning gently stroked Zhuang Qingsuis head and said, We have just moved out, and life might be a bit tough at first. But dont worry, your sister will ensure that you have a comfortable life, with good food and clothes.

Its okay, Sister. Im not afraid of hardships. Zhuang Qingsui raised her little face, resolute with determination. As long as Im with you, Im not afraid of anything.

The eight-year-olds voice was still very childish, but when she spoke, she was unyielding, which touched Zhuang Qingning, making her laugh: With Qingsui here, your sister is not afraid of anything either.

Lets clean up here for the time being, settle down, and then look for ways to make money.

Okay. Zhuang Qingsui nodded vigorously.

As the day grew hotter, Zhuang Qingning, fearing that there might be something hidden in the weeds in the courtyard, decided to weed with her sister first. The weeded grass could just be tied into a broom for cleaning the house and walls.

While the sisters were busy tidying up their new home, Mrs. Song, who had gone back to bed for a nap, woke up.

Mrs. Song was awakened by her second daughter, Zhuang Qinghe, who was the same age as Zhuang Qingning, but two months older.

Mother, why hasnt the food been cooked yet? Im starving. While Zhuang Qinghe was carefully combing her hair, she muttered discontentedly, Didnt you say I should wash my face with warm water every morning? Why didnt you even send me any water today?

This cold water is bad for the skin, if you keep washing with it, it will roughen your skin. Washing with cold water will make you unsightly!

Dont worry, dont worry, Ill go and see whats going on. After comforting her daughter, Mrs. Song went out, cursing in a low voice, Those two lazy bones, they didnt even bother to boil the hot water this morning?

Its so late, and the food isnt ready yet?

They only know how to slack off all day long. Theyre always dawdling when theyre supposed to be doing their jobs. Am I feeding them for nothing?

Enraged, Mrs. Song picked up a piece of firewood next to the stove and headed into the kitchen, muttering, These damn lazy bones probably need a good beating

Mrs. Songs words came to an abrupt halt, and she stood still, stunned.

The kitchen was empty, with not a soul in sight.

The only thing that was still warm was the steamer, but it was empty. The fire in the stove had not completely died down. The unburned firewood made a crackling sound.

Somethings wrong Mrs. Song let out a shrill scream after a moment, Those two ungrateful girls have run away

Although Mrs. Song was fat, her voice was high pitched and shrill, especially irritating when she was shouting loudly. It made people feel as if their ears were ringing.

Zhuang Qinghe, who was in the house, couldnt help but cover her ears.

Zhuang Ruman, wearing her coat, came out of the house with a frown, Why are you shouting so loudly? Are you afraid others wont hear you scolding people?

Master, master. Seeing Zhuang Ruman, Mrs. Song clung to his sleeve. Her voice was much softer, Those two girls ran away

Ran away? Zhuang Ruman was also taken aback. He looked into the kitchen, which was indeed empty. Diiscover new tories at nve



The courtyard gate was wide open.

Clearly, they had run away, and they had run out the front gate.

When did you notice they were missing? Zhuang Rumans face grew darker and his brow furrowed tighter.

I dont know Mrs. Song shook her head, I told them to cook and clean the courtyard this morning. I was feeling a bit sleepy, so I went back to bed. When I woke up, they were gone

Those two little bitches dared to run away. They should have been beaten more harshly. If I had known, I wouldve broken their legs so they wouldnt be able to run.

And youre just realizing this now?

Zhuang Ruman barked, Havent I told you to treat them less harshly? At least on the surface, you have to look like a human. But no, you have to beat and scold them every day, as if youre adjuring everyone that youre abusing my nieces, pushing them to the brink of death.

Even a cornered rabbit will bite. If youre that ruthless, of course they are going to run.

I was just trying to discipline them, so they would behave and work hard. That would save us some grain Mrs. Song knew she was wrong and whispered an excuse.

You picked up a sesame seed but lost a watermelon! Zhuang Ruman was still angry, Now youve driven them away. I wonder whos going to work for you and take care of you now!

I was hoping to marry off the eldest one in a few years so we could get some money for Qinghes dowry. But now, theres nothing. What were you thinking!

On hearing this, Mrs. Song felt even more guilty.

Right, they had over a dozen acres of farmland at home, and they had been relying on the two girls to do most of the work. The two of them did a lot of work but ate very little, like real oxen. Now that they had run away, who was going to do the farm work? And who was going to look after her?

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