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Chapter 29: Chapter 029: Do a Favor (Extra Update)

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Therefore, todays event happened.

So, if we trace down the root of the event, was it because of him?

Li Fang was suddenly at a loss.

Earlier today, he had already provoked Feng Yongkang into scolding him. If Feng Yongkang found out about this matter and the big commotion it had caused, he would probably lose a months wages.

That wasnt the end though. If Chef Zhang found out about this, even if Li Fang hadnt intended to sabotage Changji tofu stall, judging by Chef Zhangs temper, he would not listen to any explanation, and would wield his kitchen knife demanding a resolution.

Thinking of all of this, Li Fang broke into a cold sweat with beads of perspiration popping out of him, and his back was unwittingly soaked in sweat.

Ma Tong looked at Li Fang trembling in fear with great interest, his eyes were slightly narrowed.

This is what they call Retribution is not absent, its just a matter of time. One must never be malicious or do bad things, as retribution will surely come sooner or later.

Ma Tong ignored Li Fang and continued to do his own work.

Li Fang, feeling as if his soul had left his body, picked up a handkerchief and continued wiping the tables.

Because of the routine established in the past few days, Zhuang Qingning was able to wake up on her own in the evening, as usual, she made dinner and then called Zhuang Qingsui to get up.

At midnight, they went to Aunt Wen to grind tofu.

The next morning, Zhuang Qingning and Zhuang Qingsui were about to leave after leaving the tofu pudding and tofu that Mrs. Wen needed.

Wait. Mrs. Wen called to stop them from behind.

Aunt Wen, is there something you need? Zhuang Qingning first put down the bamboo basket on her back.

On your way back at noon, get me a pound of meat, half fat and half lean, chopped for dumplings. Only meat from the plum blossom part of the pork shoulder will do, none of the other parts. Mrs. Wen ordered. She tugged at the money bag in her hand, took out seven coins, and handed them to Zhuang Qingning: With the remainder, get two taels of wine.

Go to the Huo Winery in town. Just tell them you need wine for me. They will know what kind of wine to give you. The wine jar is on the kitchen window sill. Help yourself.

Okay. Zhuang Qingning agreed readily, taking the money and the wine jar from the windowsill. Leading Zhuang Qingsui, they set off for town just like before.

As it was market day, the town was bustling once again.

After selling tofu in town for several days, Zhuang Qingnings small stall had garnered some regulars. With positive word-of-mouth, business was much better than the last time when they were in the market.

When the sun rose to mid-sky, most of the tofu was sold.

Looking at the remaining large piece of tofu, Zhuang Qingning weighed it. It was only about ten or so catties left. She thought for a moment and covered the tofu with a cloche, no longer asking Zhuang Qingsui to call out for customers.

She bought half a catty of fried dough twist with a coin from a nearby vendor, and while eating it with tea from the gourd at home, she and her sister chatted and helped Mrs. Liu sell the fried chop rice cakes.

Today, Ge Hetong also came to sell pea cakes. However, the amount of pea cakes that he brought this time was less than last time. He looked a bit spiritless. After arriving, he didnt set up a stall with them, but moved his own stall to the side, a few stalls away from them.

Even more surprising, he didnt say a word to them.

Whats wrong with Uncle Ge? Zhuang Qingning asked Mrs. Liu in a low voice, quite puzzled.

I dont know. Mrs. Liu also glanced in that direction and then shrugged: Mr. Ge has been selling pea cakes in town for two to three years. When he usually sets up a stall, he always sets up in the busiest areas.

Where we are, although it is not the best location, it certainly is bustling. But where he is, is a lot quieter. 1 have no idea what hes thinking.

However, since he doesnt come over or say a single word, there must be something up. But since he doesnt speak about it, he probably doesnt want to talk about it, so we better not ask.

True. Zhuang Qingning nodded in agreement.

If hes not speaking out, its probably a difficult topic to discuss. If we probe, it may cause more embarrassment.

It would be better to wait until he is willing to talk about it.

Zhuang Qingning decided to not think about it for now and continued to help Mrs. Liu sell the fried chop rice cakes. From time to time, she would eat a bite of the crispy Mahua and even pass a couple to Mrs. Liu for her to snack on.

Do you still have tofu? A tall and thin middle-aged man walked straight up to Zhuang Qingning and asked.

Zhuang Qingning thought for a moment and asked, How much do you want?

Ten catties. The man said.

Im sorry, but 1 dont have that much left; at most, I only have two catties. Zhuang Qingning explained.

Huh? The man looked at the tall cloche covering the tofu in surprise and said, There must be at least ten catties of tofu here, how can you say there isnt?

To be honest, someone reserved eight catties of tofu yesterday, and they havent come to pick it up yet. Deducting the eight catties reserved for someone else, there are only two catties left. Zhuang Qingning explained.

I see. The man stood in front of the tofu stall, pondering for a moment, and then said, Like this, isnt your tofu one coin per catty, and two and a half catties for two coins? If I want ten catties of tofu, Ill give you ten coins, more than what others are paying, okay?

Sorry, that cant be done. Zhuang Qingning retained her smile, then continued: 1 have already promised someone else and even collected the deposit. If 1 break my promise, it would be treacherous. This is unthinkable.

Thank you for your patronage. If you sell tofu tomorrow, 1 will give you a bit more.

Eleven coins.

Twelve coins!

Seeing that Zhuang Qingning still had no intention of agreeing, the man became somewhat anxious and said: I will be transparent with you. My mother has been in poor health recently. Tomorrow is her birthday, and I want to invite relatives and neighbors to our house to liven up the atmosphere, it is also meant to bring joy to my mother and relieve her condition.

At her hometown, its customary to eat tofu ball soup on her birthday. So, Im thinking of buying some tofu and making it into balls for the soup to serve the relatives and neighbors.

A few days ago, my wife bought tofu from your stall when she was shopping. After eating it, my mother said it tasted very good and told me that when I make tofu ball soup tomorrow, 1 must use tofu from your place. So, I hurried to buy some. Follow the latest novels n


Because tofu balls take time to make; you need to get up early in the morning and crumble the tofu, marinate them, and then fry them. It is also time-consuming. Plus, I have to welcome people around noon. If I come to buy tofu from you when you set up your stall tomorrow, I am afraid 1 will be in a hurry, and they wont turn out good.

Could you please accommodate this request at your convenience? 1 would be very grateful.

After saying this, the man gave a bow in front of everyone.

He was very polite, sincere, and, most importantly, very dutiful.

Zhuang Qingning pursed her lips..

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