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Chapter 23: Chapter 023: Excuse me, could you point the way

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Miss Ning, Miss Sui.

From afar, Mrs. Liu waved her hand, Come over quickly, Ive saved a spot for you.

Upon seeing this, Zhuang Qingning hastily led Zhuang Qingsui over, and put down the bamboo basket she was carrying: Thank you, maam.

Whats there to be polite about? Mrs. Liu chuckled, pulling a small bench from beside her, Theres too much to fit in my basket, so 1 brought an extra bench. You two can take turns sitting. It would be too tiring to stand the whole time.

Thank you, maam. Zhuang Qingning and Zhuang Qingsui expressed their gratitude once again.

Did Uncle Ge not show up today? Zhuang Qingning asked, looking at the empty spot beside her.

He hasnt shown up yet, but dont worry about him. Hes always messing around, one moment hes fishing and the next hes mending his nets. Who knows whats detaining him today.

Mrs. Liu commented dismissively, His family doesnt really need the little money he makes here. Hes always loitering around, and his wife cant stand it, all she does is nag him to go out and work

While she was in the middle of talking, someone came over to buy her fried chop rice cakes, so Mrs. Liu got busy catering to her customer and dropped the subject.

Zhuang Qingning wasnt particularly interested in gossiping about others, so she quickly set up her tofu stall with Zhuang Qingsui.

Tofu, selling tofu! A coin for a pound, two coins for two and a half pounds

Free samples, taste before you buy. Dont miss out as you walk by, come and try our delicious tofu.

They continued using the successful strategy of offering free samples for people to try before they buy, in order to attract a crowd.

Today, the town wasnt hosting a market, so there werent as many people around as the day before. However, letting people taste before they buy still attracted some customers, ensuring that they wouldnt regret buying the tofu.

Those who decided to buy after tasting the tofu usually accounted for about sixty to seventy percent of all customers.

Zhuang Qingning observed the people coming and going, and noticed one or two familiar faces from yesterday.

Soon, half of their tofu was sold.

As the sun slowly rose, the dry spring weather made their throats sore from shouting so much. Zhuang Qingning bought a few bowls of tea for Qingsui to quench her thirst, and also gave some to Mrs. Liu.

Seeing that the time was right and that Zhuang Qingsui was getting pretty adept at selling tofu, Zhuang Qingning turned to Mrs. Liu and said, Maam, could you watch over Qingsui and the stall for me? 1 need to run an errand.

Sure, go ahead. Mrs. Liu immediately agreed, Miss Sui will be fine with me, dont worry.

Thank you, maam. Zhuang Qingning offered a grin, instructed Zhuang Qingsui to watch the stall and she herself cut a piece of tofu weighing about a pound, wrapped it in cloche, and set off in the opposite direction.

Across the way was a restaurant, the largest and oldest one in town, called Fushun Tower.

It wasnt mealtime yet, so there werent many customers at Fushun Tower. The staff were cleaning the entrance and wiping the doors and windows. Seeing Zhuang Qingning heading their way, a waiter named Li Fang hurriedly draped a cloth over his shoulder and approached, Can I interest you in a meal, sir? What would you like?

No, Im not here for a meal. Zhuang Qingning shook her head.

Then, Miss Li Fang straightened up, scrutinizing Zhuang Qingning from top to bottom.

Her attire seemed ordinary, half-worn coarse cloth, suggesting that she was from an average family, perhaps even struggling a little. However, there was an air of grace and composure about her that didnt resemble a sheltered girl from an ordinary family.

About twenty or thirty miles west of the town, there was a picturesque Cuiwei Lake next to Cuiwei Mountain. A number of wealthy merchants and influential nobles had built villas there to enjoy the beauty of spring and the moon in summer.

It wasnt uncommon for these families to send maids to purchase goods or run errands.

Li Fang, adhering to the principle of always treating guests with a warm smile and not offending anyone, put a wide grin on his face and asked, Do you have any business here, miss?

My family just opened a tofu shop, and we usually set up a stall over there to sell tofu. Our tofu is very good and 1 thought maybe your restaurant would be interested in buying from us. We can deliver every morning and we can certainly discuss the price.

Zhuang Qingning said pleasantly, as she handed him the tofu she brought: This is our tofu. You can take it back and try it. Im sure youll find it satisfying.

So shes selling tofu.

Li Fang stood up straight, his smile fading slightly, Im sorry, Im not in charge of purchasing supplies for the kitchen

Could you tell me who is? Zhuang Qingning handed Li Fang two copper coins.

Li Fangs daily wage was only five to six copper coins. Seeing a chance to make a little extra, he quickly pocketed the money, instantly regaining his cheerful demeanor: Sure, sure.

Actually, purchasing kitchen supplies doesnt fall under my jurisdiction. The chef decides how much food to buy each day. We usually use tofu from Changji Tofu Shop. The guests are used to it. As for your tofu

It might not be acceptable to the chef.

But having accepted someone elses money, Li Fang knew he should make an effort. He was a flexible man, so he quickly said: But since youve said that your tofu is good, and youve let us sample it, 1 can take it to the kitchen for others to try.

If your tofu is really good and the chef likes it, we might buy from you.

Thank you, lad.

Seeing him agree, Zhuang Qingnings eyes curved into crescent shapes as she smiled. She gestured at Li Fang saying, 1 usually sell tofu there in the morning. If theres any news, please let me know.

Of course, of course. Li Fang still wore a beaming smile, as he found a plate to put the tofu on, and returned the cloche to Zhuang Qingning.

Well, I wont keep you from your work. See you later. Zhuang Qingning bid him farewell and left.

Li Fang pocketed the two copper coins and went to the kitchen with the tofu.

Hey, are you sure you want to send this to the kitchen? Another worker named Ma Tong grabbed his sleeve, Chef Zhang is Chef Chang from Changji Tofu Shops brother-in-law. You dare suggest that he stop using tofu from Changji and start using this girls tofu?

Do you think 1 have that kind of courage? Li Fang hunched his shoulders.

Then what are you ll new stries at nove



If you take someones money, you have to do the work. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, Li Fang lowered his voice and said, Im just going to leave this piece of tofu in the kitchen. Its so small, whos going to notice where its from? If the kitchen wants to use it, they will. If they want to eat it, they will.

If the girl comes asking, I did take the tofu to the kitchen. If the kitchen decides not to use her tofu, it just means her tofu is not good.. Dont you think that makes sense?

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