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The price of the recipes is high because its like a one-time buyout. After purchasing a basic recipe, theres no need to buy a higher level one. Once a certain proficiency level is reached, it can automatically upgrade. Also, the basic tofu making recipe you unlocked doesnt require any additional diligence points to purchase, stock is automatically refreshed, so overall, its very cost-effective.

Cost-effective it may be, but the key problem is she cant afford it right now.

After Zhuang Qingning furrowed her brow and plucked out two strands of hair, she blinked her eyes.

Um, how about we negotiate?

What do you suggest?

Zhuang Qingnings lips curled up slightly, her eyes squinting.

How about you lend me 666 diligence points so I can exchange for this tofu recipe? Once Ive earned enough diligence points, Ill pay you back. How does that sound?

Get something for nothing? Absolutely not!

Dont reject it so quickly. You said it yourself, you only succeed if your host does. So, were really in this together.

Right now Im stuck. I can only do some basic labor works, which gives me low diligence points and little money. If Im dreaming of getting rich, could I really rely only on dreams?

If you loosen up a bit and lend me some points, I can get the recipe and lease the tofu shop. Once I start making tofu, my diligence points will multiply in no time. Becoming rich will no longer be just a dream.

Anyway, if you dont want to lend me the diligence points, then be prepared to see your host live in poverty for the rest of her life.

After a long sweet talk from Zhuang Qingning, she even made a few threats in the end.

However, all she got was a long silence.

Oh, forget it, no loan, it doesnt matter.

Just remember, the so-called strong system that cant even figure this out, when you get other hosts in the future, dont brag about being powerful again.

Otherwise, you would just be making a fool of yourself

If persuasion doesnt work, try threats. If threats dont help, provoke their pride.

Zhuang Qingning thought all of these tactics were worth a try, at least one of them might work.

You wait a moment

Still need to think it over? This deal is beneficial to us both, theres no need for any hesitation.

Trust me, as long as you approve of this request, you will soon become a system that achieves its goals, reaching the pinnacle of your success!

You wait a moment

Wait for what? Time is of the essence, the more you delay, the more time you waste!

Every second is precious, as a system, dont you realize this?

Host, can you please be quiet for a moment? Youre disturbing my calculations!


Zhuang Qingning immediately silenced herself.

A while later, a screen in Zhuang Qingnings brain lit up again.

A scroll-like item appeared and slowly began to glow.

Congratulations to the host for obtaining the item, basic tofu recipe, and unlocking the exchange item, basic tofu production secret recipe.

In an instant, Zhuang Qingning felt there was more information in her brain, and an additional item was added in her redeemable goods column.

The basic tofu production secret recipe, add one drop in the production of a whole piece of tofu, a bottle contains ten drops, free to exchange. Stock is refreshed every ten hours, unable to manually refresh.

Zhuang Qingning immediately exchanged for a bottle and along with it two old-style half-new coarse cloth clothes, a thin quilt, and finally, with her remaining diligence points, she exchanged for some white vinegar.

Everything is ready!

Zhuang Qingning packed up these items, a smile curling at the corners of her mouth.

Host, remember to return the systems diligence points in time. Otherwise, the whole system might experience a BUG, which would affect the hosts path to wealth. In severe cases, it could even endanger the hosts life.

Relax, I still have some integrity left.

Xiaowu wanted to say something, but stopped himself, choosing instead to quickly leave.

Zhuang Qingning tidied things up and went into the house to sleep.

This nap lasted until the sun began to set and the western sky was dotted with clouds. Zhuang Qingning finally woke up, stretching lazily.

Seeing the thin quilt covering her and the clothes nearby, Zhuang Qingning was instantly energized. Sister, did you get more stuff again? she asked.

Huh?! Zhuang Qingning suddenly remembered the lie she had earlier told Zhuang Qingsui and nodded hurriedly, Yes, I got a couple of spring clothes and a quilt.

These clothes are probably altered from half-worn clothes that mom used to wear. The material is not that new, but mine fits me well. Try yours?

Zhuang Qingning quickly shifted the topic.

The winter clothes she was wearing were randomly given to her by Mrs. Song last winter. They were old clothes previously worn by Zhuang Qinghe, patched several times. After a winters wear and washing, even the patches were worn out.

So, for any new clothes, even if they were half new, as long as they were hers, Zhuang Qingsui would be extremely excited, quickly changing into them with high spirits.

Not bad, it fits just right. After trying it on, Zhuang Qingsui adjusted the clothes hem, happily saying, My parents really thought things through, everything is prepared so thoroughly.

Isnt that the truth? Our parents lived for many years, the salt they ate is more than the food we had, naturally their consideration was thorough.

But your clothes are really nice, the sleeves are the right length, and the size fits well. Zhuang Qingning laughed and said, With this said, taking it out now is just the right moment. If we were any later, you might have grown taller and not be able to wear it.

Thats right. Zhuang Qingsui nodded earnestly, But, sister, be more careful next time you get something, its best not to be seen by others.

Rest assured, that place is very secluded, and nobody goes there on ordinary days. Everyone was working in the fields when I went. Nobody saw me. Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

Zhuang Qingning lied again to fob off her sister, then quickly shifted the topic, Thats enough about that, lets get up quickly and cook. After eating, well tidy up and itll be time to go to Aunt Wens.

Okay. Zhuang Qingsui quickly folded the quilt and tidied her clothes, then followed Zhuang Qingning to cook.

The flour they got from the system wasnt much, but they had plenty of cornmeal. For dinner, they cooked cornmeal porridge and then stuck some cornmeal pancakes around the pots edge.

Because they had to work through the night here and probably wouldnt have time to go home and cook in the morning, they prepared a few extra pancakes to save for later.

For vegetables, they cold mixed some shepherds purse foraged from the field at noon with wild garlic.

With this, they had pancakes, soup, and vegetables for dinner.

Miss Ning, Miss Sui. When the two were eating, Mrs. He came in.

Mrs. He, or Aunt He, was the wife of Zhuang Yonghe in the village. She was in her thirties and previously close to Zhuang Qingnings family. She often cared about the two sisters when they were first adopted by Zhuang Ruman and Mrs. Song, and spoke up for them.

Aunt He, how come youre here? Zhuang Qingning was quite surprised to see her.

I only heard today that you two have become independent households and temporarily live here, so I came to visit. Mrs. He took out a cloth bag, And, I brought you some cornmeal. Its not much, but it should be enough for you to eat for a few days.

He sighed, The harvest this year wasnt great, and Xiaosi constantly needs medicine. Things are tight at home, so I cant help you much.

Why would you say such a thing, auntie? At this point, you still care about us, and we are very grateful, said Zhuang Qingning.

Indeed, they were very grateful. In her current situation, with no farm, no money, and the likelihood of nobody employing them, others considered her a bottomless abyss. In such circumstances, Mrs. He still taking the initiative to help was already a significant kindness.

Furthermore, as she had said, her youngest son was often ill, and her family was also struggling.

This cornmeal is a bit much, auntie. Why dont you leave us half? suggested Zhuang Qingning.

How would that be enough? There are two of you. Keeping half would not be enough. Dont stand on ceremony with me, keep it all. If you run out of anything in the future, as long as we can supply it, just come and get it from us. Any vegetables in the field can be eaten. Just pick them.

Afraid that Zhuang Qingning was too shy to accept, Mrs. He put the bag down: Alright, its also getting late. You two should tidy up and go to bed early. Ill head back first.

With that, she walked away without looking back, ignoring Zhuang Qingnings calls for her to stay.

Aunt He is really nice. Zhuang Qingsuis eyes welled up with tears, and she couldnt help but sniffle.

Yes. Zhuang Qingning agreed wholeheartedly, Since its aunties wish, lets keep it for now. When we are more prosperous in the future, we will just be more filial to uncle and auntie.

Mm-hmm. Zhuang Qingsui nodded firmly.

The sisters put away the things that Mrs. He had brought, wrapped up two cornmeal pancakes they had made for the night, and by this time, it was already dark outside.

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