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The Wealthy Eldest Sister Rules Supreme Chapter 1 - 001: Beaten to Death

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1 Chapter 001: Beaten to Death

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Sister, sister

A voice called out by her ear, soft and sticky, but anxious.

Zhuang Qingning opened her eyes and saw a young girl with a worried expression.

The girl had a thin face, her cheeks slightly sunken in, and her hair some sort of yellowish-brown. At first glance, it was clear that she was suffering from chronic malnutrition. The robe draped around her was clearly an old one handed down from her older sister, too big for her small frame. It made her look like a large-headed doll. Even her hair bun was slightly fluffy because it hadnt been combed for a long time.

Sister, are you awake? The young girl was visibly excited to see Zhuang Qingnings eyes flutter open. She reached out a small hand to feel her sisters forehead and then touched her own, It seems like the fever has broken.

But just because your fevers gone, doesnt mean youre fully recovered. You cant stay in bed, you must get up and work.

Aunt has scolded us several times already, were late today, Im afraid she wont let us eat breakfast.

Im fine, but sister, if youre unwell and cant eat, what can we do?

The young girl said through a veil of tears.

Being such a loving person at her tender age, shes a well-behaved child.

Zhuang Qingning stirred a little, stretching out her arm, the inside of which was aching due to the fever. She patted the young girls head gently: Qingsui dear, your sister is fine. Im all better. Follow the latest novels n


Zhuang Qingsui was the name of the girl standing before her, her biological sister in this world, only eight years old this year.

She had transmigrated.

After working late into the night, on a rainy night, she was hit by a truck that ran a red light while she was returning home alone. She died on the spot. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in an unknown ancient era, reincarnated as a 13-year-old girl who shared her name.

Her parents had died early. In this era where women had no inheritance rights, the house and farmland belonging to Zhuang Qingnings family did not go to her and her sister, but per the rules, they went to her uncles family who had offspring.

In return, Zhuang Qingning and Zhuang Qingsui were to be raised by their uncles family until they were old enough to marry.

However, the method of this care

The suns already high, and youre still lazing around at home? Do you think youre little princesses who dont have to work? Get out here and work right now!

What a couple of lazy ones! If you arent pushed, you dont work! Every day I feed you and all I get are two lazybones. Id do better feeding a dog than feeding you two little brats.

A plump woman of medium height stood in the courtyard with her hands on her hips, shouting angrily. Her rage caused the fat on her face to shake. The maliciousness in her eyes seemed ready to swallow people whole.

This was their Aunt, Mrs. Song.

Sister. Zhuang Qingsui pulled Zhuang Qingnings sleeve, her voice teary.

Mrs. Song was usually harsh with them. Now, she was scolding them in the courtyard. Once they went outside, they would probably be met with a tirade of abuse and blows.

Its alright. Zhuang Qingning climbed out of bed.

Her clothes were full of patches upon patches, and her shoes were of the same kind. One of the shoes even had a small hole at the toe because of long usage.

This Mrs. Song was extremely cruel. She had taken a house and five acres of land from Zhuang Qingnings family, promising in front of the clan to take care of her two nieces, but in reality, this was how they were treated.

The girls were always hungry and cold and had to do a lot of heavy work. If Mrs. Song was unhappy, she would ruthlessly beat and scold them.

One can only assume that the previous Zhuang Qingning had died due to years of hard labor and malnutrition, unable to recover from a simple cold.

Zhuang Qingning frowned. Her disdain for her cruel aunt began to swell from her heart, making her hold her breath and causing her to cough a few times.

Sister, you should rest a bit more. I can do the work. Zhuang Qingsui, looking worried, supported her.

Worst case scenario, she would work till midnight again.

Dont worry. Im alright already. Zhuang Qingning lightly patted Zhuang Qingsuis head.

Although they had just met, Zhuang Qingning could feel this younger sisters kindness and thoughtfulness.

It seems that in the future, she will need to take good care of her little sister instead of the original Zhuang Qingning.

The two sisters stepped out of their room, although room was quite the generous termit was more of a shed, originally a cattle pen.

Ever since the cattle died of disease, the shed remained vacant until Zhuang Qingning and Zhuang Qingsui arrived and Mrs. Song settled them in.

Its walls were made of sun-dried bricks, topped with a thatched roof, and even lacked a door. The shed was virtually indistinguishable from being outdoors when the wind blew.

Auntie. Zhuang Qingning walked into the courtyard.

Oh, youve finally decided to get up? Mrs. Song sneered at Zhuang Qingning, All you did was get caught in the rain! Its not even cold out today. Why did you need to take to bed with a fever?

Which child in the village hasnt been drenched in the rain? Are you a pampered princess? Youve lazed about for two days instead of working. I think youre just trying to skip work, shirking about!

All the delayed work will have to be made up by you two. For the next few days, each meal for you will consist of just half a steamed cornbread!

Upon hearing this, Zhuang Qingsui was nearly brought to tears.

The family normally ate steamed cornbread made from mixed cornmeal and flour. However, the girls were given bread made from cornmeal mixed with sweet potato flour, which hardly filled them up. With the amount of work they did daily, a single piece of bread per meal wasnt sufficient, and they would feel incredibly hungry before the next meal. If they were to share half instead, it would be genuinely starvation-inducing.

Mrs. Song truly had a ruthless heart.

Zhuang Qingning gritted her teeth, with no reaction on her face. She dropped her hands and lowered her gaze, Ill cook right away.

Well, what are you waiting for? Mrs. Song quirked an eyebrow, the corner of her mouth full of mockery.

The two certainly needed scolding, or they wouldnt know what to do!

In the future, they should be hardened for another few years. When they come of age, they should be married off to whoever offers the most dowry, whether hes blind, disabled, or a widower.

Understood. Zhuang Qingning responded and started kneading the dough for the steamed cornbread.

Ill go rest for a bit. Call me once the food is ready and remember to stay quiet. If you disturb my sleep, watch your hides! Also, if you dare to sneak a bite, Ill break your legs! Mrs. Song continued her tirade.

Ill remember. Zhuang Qingning didnt stop her work.

Mrs. Song gave a cold huff and waddled into the house with her plump body.

Sister, Ill start the fire for you. Zhuang Qingsui, who had just finished sweeping the courtyard, entered the kitchen to lend a hand.

The water in the pot was boiling, and the steamer was put on the stove. The freshly steamed cornbread in the steamer gradually exuded a tantalizing aroma.

Zhuang Qingsui, who was already starving, became even hungrier upon smelling the aroma. Her mouth was filled with saliva, which she swallowed repeatedly.

Here. Zhuang Qingning took a piece of bread weighing two Chinese ounces from the steamer to give to Zhuang Qingsui.

Eat up.

Sister. Zhuang Qingsui widened her eyes in alarm, If Auntie finds out, shell kill us!


This was another new work by the author. Everyones support would be greatly appreciated~

Guidelines on how to appreciate this work:

1. Theres a system, and the protagonist has quite a significant advantage, but its not overpowered.

2. Regarding the prices, they vary across different dynasties. Even within the same dynasty, the prices could differ by several times, or even more than ten times, between different years. The author strives to make the prices as reasonable as possible, but they are mostly for the sake of the storyline. Please do not be overly concerned about the issue of prices.

3. As for establishing a household in a womans name, the author has referred to numerous books and documents. Not many records exist on this matter. Such situations were more common during the Song Dynasty. The majority of households then established under a womans name were those of widows. Almost no records exist of unmarried daughters doing the same. However, the absence of records does not mean such situations did not exist. Hence, please do not be overly critical about this matter. The conditions and rules set forth in the story for establishing a household under a womans name were created by the author for the sake of the storyline.

4. This work is fiction, and it is set in an alternate universe. Everything from clothing to food ingredients should not be overly scrutinized. After all, this is a novel, not historical records.

5. Regarding updates, the author is a working mom and a part-time writer who treats writing as a hobby and a part of her life. The author had maintained a streak of over 700 days of consecutive updates and has written over five million words in total for her four completed works. Her reliability is absolutely guaranteed. (PS: The basic updating schedule can be maintained. As for any additional updates ahem.)

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