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' Oh, what is this thing.' Yone rubbed his chin, trying to analyze the transparent magic that appeared in front of him.

He kept moving his right hand to dispel it. Yet, no matter how many times he tried to do so, the blue panel kept hovering in front of him.

Suddenly, before he could even understand his situation, he was welcomed by several panels with messages that he had never seen alike before. Or to be more specific, he had encountered some similar situations before, alas, the writings he saw back then were formed by some ordinary Amber which was used to write things with.

[ Congratulations! You have activated the Amber Extraction System. ]

[ You can now extract and obtain mystical properties of this world. ]

This was the first message he saw followed by a different panel.

[ You have died and got reincarnated into a higher realm multiple times stronger than yours. ]

[ Given your circumstances and shrouded fate, an Ancient Being long forgotten inheritance found its way to your soul.]

[ Remarks: The system is but an ancient inheritance thus it's not a special lifeform. If you want to get any information, you need to ask first, or else the system can't provide you with anything on its own. ]

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