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Master of Amber Third Test Over!

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When Charlotte saw the approaching fists, she raised her hand and summoned countless vines from the ground tens of yards around her. These vines intertwined with one another to form massive vine spears that spread out like the petals of a lotus flower and attacked the approaching phantom fists.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a dozen collisions and explosions, the chairs broke into pieces, the floor and walls showing signs of collapsing, and countless cracks appeared on them as they spread like a spider web showing no signs of halting.

'Monster! This woman is a monster!' David was indescribably shocked as he took in the destruction before him.

The martial arts technique power Charlotte just used was unlike anything David had experienced. It felt more like a fortress being punched by a baby's fist, totally useless and meaningless.

The more shocking part was not the technique itself, but the origin of Charlotte's technique. It should be known that she was nicknamed the Ice-Witch for a reason.


Her real strength lay in ice techniques not these random ones, so for Charlotte to effortlessly block Lilia's strongest attack with an unknown technique couldn't be described as more than a destruction to the woman's spirit and confidence.

Everyone in the room looked at Lilia with pity in their eyes, they felt that the woman in front of them was courting death by taking such actions.

As for Yone...

His eyes lit up seeing this brief exchange between the two martial arts experts in front of him, he finally started comprehending the difference between amber in his past world and qi in this one.

'Interesting, no wonder the system qualified this world as multiple times stronger than mine,' Yone chuckled as he observed the techniques used,' If I'm not mistaken, one of the differences I can spot here as a mortal is speed.'

In Yone's past world, they used amber as a link to draw their power hence the process of attacking took a moment to achieve. As for this world's power, the cultivators here didn't need to use the qi as a link in order to attack, they instead directly drew enough fuel from it to launch their attack.

He then looked at his father with an expressionless face, he was curious whether he would step in or not. Will he go all out to save his family, or will he surrender and let them be taken prioritizing his own safety?

Yone wasn't sure about his father's decision.

On the other hand, he was sure of one thing.

This scenario didn't look so simple, especially for the remaining children who still didn't take the test.

'As I expected, something is wrong,' Yone concluded as he shifted his gaze to the remaining children who still hadn't taken the test,' They are surprisingly calm about this whole matter, did the healing village inform them in advance hence they didn't need to be afraid? Or maybe...'

Yone glanced at his mother's shocked face, fear was evident in her eyes as she struggled to accept reality.

' Dear, let's attack her together as planned;' Lilia transmitted to David's sea of consciousness with the last usage of the mental pen, which automatically turned into dust given its consumable state.

David nodded his head, his expression turning deadly serious,' From what I just saw, I can only distract her for two seconds maximum Lilia.'

Suddenly, a long black sword appeared out of thin air in his hands, without much thought, he disappeared and reappeared before Charlotte, brandishing it against her.

Immediately, three sword lights formed and converged into a single point, the convergence of sword lights shaking the entire room.

Sword's Transmigration!

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